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Drassanes Dalmau is a company committed to environmental sustainability


Drassanes Dalmau is a company committed to environmental sustainability

Drassanes Dalmau is a company committed to environmental sustainability, participating in working groups and has been present at the 1st Catalan Climate Action Summit, organized by the catalan government, which was held in Barcelona on Friday 01/17/2020.

Drassanes Dalmau, attended a worktable with other companies in the aeronautical sector convened by the Department of Territory and Sustainability, which served to exchange proposals and to agree on commitments in the fight against climate change in Catalonia. Drassanes Dalmau is firmly committed to sustainability in the short and medium term and put on the table proposals that, from the perspective of a shipyard with a high developed technological profile, must be carried out to redirect climate change increasingly present in our lives.

The 1st Catalan Climate Action Summit took place in Barcelona on Friday, January 17, 2020 and a road map was agreed, in the short and medium term, to address climate change mitigation and adaptation policies among all environmental, economic, social, political and academic of Catalonia. The Summit wants to create a platform for dialogue, awareness and involvement in the fight against climate change, the just transition and the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals. Accelerate the energy transition and increase the ambition of climate actions. Drassanes Dalmau, as a company in the naval sector, adheres to the commitments reached at the summit.

Drassanes Dalmau began the commitment to sustainability much earlier with the construction in 2010 of the ECOSLIM catamaran. This catamaran is propelled with electric power and it is partially fed with renewable energy since it has solar panels and wind turbines. It became a reference was the largest ship powered 100% with electric energy built in Europe and suitable for sea and river navigation.

Drassanes Dalmau is a company sensitized with the urgent need to make changes and has specific objectives. The following action points are included in your commitment:

  • Installation of alternative energy systems such as solar panels in shipyards.
  • Work soon, only with the infusion lamination technique, thus reducing CO2 emissions that may be derived from traditional techniques.
  • Adoption of internal measures to reduce and correctly distribute waste in the shipyard. Waste management, through compliance with ISO 14001 is one of the continuities that the company wants to continue doing since today they are being applied with good results and following all the guidelines that mark from the regulation.
  • Require / choose suppliers that take care of the materials sent or raw materials more developed and sensitive to the environment with the reduction / elimination of non-biodegradable packaging.
  • Development of less aggressive and more ecological propulsion systems, whether electric, gas or hydrogen.
  • Installation of exhaust gas catalytic systems in vessels with conventional diesel engines, the called
  • Improves the hydrodynamic efficiency of the future built ships and that there is a follow-up of the life cycle of the products used during this construction, from manufacturing to recycling.
  • Adaptation of its facilities and its vehicles to the demands produced by heat waves and the demands produced by the increase in sea level.

In a 2018 report, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) concluded that to avoid ecological hell, greenhouse gas emissions should be reduced by 45% compared to 2010, and that there are only 12 years left to achieve it. This will require a transformation of the world economy, society and our entire way of life unprecedented in human history.

Drassanes Dalmau is a company that has defined effective methods to reach social sustainability based on the three fundamental axes in the 21st century: Environmental, economic and social sustainability. But all these purposes and commitments do not depend only on the company, but on the will of the clients, a will that should be helped by actions by the administrations in terms of subsidies, grants or any other action that makes our clients have that will.