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Europe’s Largest Ecological Catamaran


Europe’s Largest Ecological Catamaran

The new boat to be called ECO SLIM, is a step towards better ecological and economic sustainability in the professional craft industry for tourism, and in general throughout the marine industry.

The new product enhances traditional vessel’s for its lightness and lower drag, with the economic and environmental benefits to be derived, allowing the use of less powerful engines for the same performance, reducing purchasing and operating  costs.
To further reduce the environmental impact “Drassanes Dalmau” with the technical support of the UPC has developed a new propulsion system for the prototype based on the use of high performance electric motors, connected to a multiple source power system. All the elements involved in the energy supply system are governed by an electronic management unit (powered by a fuel cell) that independently regulates different energy sources in order to achieve optimal energy consumption, while ensuring the safety of the vessel & passengers, allowing the operation of  the system in different regimes.

The new prototype is environmentally friendly because it operates via combination of the energy generated by solar panels, wind turbines, hydrogen and thermal generators to reduce the environmental impact on air and in the marine environment and eliminating noise pollution .
The complete design process , engineering and construction of the ECO SLIM is wholly undergone  in Spain. And it has been possible thanks to the financial support of the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) that depends of Spain’s Ministry of Science and Innovation.